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Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC
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Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DACArcam miniBlink Bluetooth DACArcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC

Arcam miniBlink Bluetooth DAC

Stream high quality music from your mobile device to your hi-fi system

Brand:  Arcam


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Cloney Audio: Great Way to To Stream Your Music To A High-End Stereo.

Streaming high quality music from your favourite mobile device to your (high-end) audio system is now easy with the miniBlink Bluetooth DAC. The miniBlink uses the latest Bluetooth technology, offering lower noise and lower distortion levels than previous versions of Bluetooth streaming DACs.

The miniBlink weighs just 40 grams and has a cute little pebble shape and can stream music from Android devices, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, PCs, Macs or tablets. As long as the streaming device has a Bluetooth interface it will work with the miniBlink. Power for the DAC is drawn from a micro USB socket and the audio output is delivered to your stereo through a standard 3.5mm stereo jack. 

The miniBlink also supports aptX Bluetooth audio-streaming standard, so if your source is compatible it should be able to squeeze an extra level of sonic purity that can rival that of a conventional CD.







What Hi-Fi?

"Where some Bluetooth DACs sound zingy and bright, the Arcam sounds buttery smooth and doesn’t sacrifice detail or lose any of its cutting edge.

It’s impressive that Arcam have been able to squeeze such a sense of refinement and quality from a device like this.

Like many of Arcam’s hi-fi separates, there’s a real sense of rhythm and fluidity to music.

You get a real feel for dynamic shifts within music, the leaps from quiet moments to more outlandish sections are explicitly done, and music sounds more exciting for it."

What Hi-Fi

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